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[MC] Shimizu Hitomi by Xiirah [MC] Shimizu Hitomi by Xiirah

[Basic Information]
.: Name: Shimizu Hitomi (清水瞳 Pure Water, Pupil of the Eye)
.: Age: 15
.: Gender: Male
.: Height: 5'3" | 160cm
.: Weight: 120lbs

.: Shioshishio or Land: Shioshishio
.: Birthday: December 21st

[School Information]
.: Grade: 9
.: Club: Kendo
.: Grade Average: B+

.: Gentle ; Quiet ; Determined ; Independent ; Motivated ; Thoughtful ; Caring ; Observant ; Impatient ; Distant ; Stubborn

Hitomi is a generally quiet kind of person that likes to watch from afar, as apposed to putting his foot in it. He's motivated and has a firm mind so he knows what he wants and says what's on his mind, so can often be blunt if he's pushed. He has a lot of determination for the likes of his Kendo as well as self discipline, however, he can get impatient when things aren't going his way or is he has to wait on people. He is a gentle person that, despite his hard-headedness, is very gentle and caring. He is warm and fun when around friends, smiling and humoring them.

.: + The Sea ; Rain ; Shells ; Blue ; Sky ; Clouds ; The Shimmer of Ena in the Sun ; Cooler Colours ; His Hair ; Focus ; Sealife ; Fish ; Swimming ; Kendo ; Peace ; Wind Chimes ; Exploring ; Discovering New Things ; Playing

.: - Winter ; Snow ; Discrimination ; Drying Out ; Sand ; Storms ; Being Confined ; Failing ; Failure ; Letting Others Down ; Insects ; Going Too Fast ; Uroko-sama ; Reptiles ; Loud/Metal Music

.: Born in Shioshishio, Hitomi is the third and youngest child introduced to the Shimizu household. His older brothers were people who he looked up to quite a lot and depended on, despite their teasing about how different he looked in comparison, them having lighter hair. It was a busy household of five but it was a happy one. His father worked with the other men of the village to get the rules, his mother being a bright and sunny type that would always provide lunch.

It was only when things started to get difficult and the salt flake snow started to fall that their family became tense and troubled. They were part of the whole chaos and controversy, falling into the slumber just as the rest did when the time came and Shioshishio fell to sleep. Being only a minor at the time, just eight or nine years old, Hitomi didn't know what was happening. He was scared by his brother's gradually waning enthusiasm, the worry in their eyes. All he could do was cling to his family and hope it would all be alright, as it had been said.

Since the wakening off the village, after the long five year slumber, Hitomi adapted well, attending the human elementary school and gradually moving up until middle school until he is where he is now. Being asleep, he never saw the land before, so his first time was truly inspiring moment. Despite him loving the sea, he also loved the land and grew to be at peace with both, appreciating them equally and living in both worlds. Now, as a Ninth Grader, he feel as if he has fitted in and is doing well for himself. The time of the salt flake snow is almost forgotten in his mind.

.: Shimizu Kotone & Shimizu Kenji - Hitomi's mother and father. He is not as close to them as he was when he was younger but he cares about them very much.
.: Shimizu Hoshi & Shimizu Aoi - Hitomi's elder brothers in order of birth. He is very inspired by them and looks up to them for advice and care. He is concerned about them by the way they're slowly drifting away to start their own lives.

.: The plate attached to his necklace is actually a piece of Mother Pearl he found with his brothers as a child
.: He's the only one of his brothers with his mother's dark hair and he adores it.
.: He absolutely hates it if you try to even insinuate he looks like a girl.
.: He's a very fast swimmer. Like very fast.
.: He really hates enclosed shoes and tight clothes.
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